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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Paid Book Reviews?
You need to advertise your book. Customers usually make up their minds to buy a book faster when they see reviews under the book. an idea of what the book is about and propels them to buy

Will the reviews all be positive?-
If your book was well written, YES! Our team was set up to help writers advertise their book. However, if your book does not meet our standard, instead of posting fake reviews to deceive customers, we will refund your money and reject your order.

How soon can the reviews be posted?
We usually post all reviews within 7 days of order. If the review order is up to 50, we may extend the reviews up to 3  or 4 weeks, to allow a natural flow of reviews.

What online stores can the reviews be posted on?
 We currently post reviews on , but can also post on, barnes and nobles, etc for an extra charge

Will the review appear for paperback, hardcover, or Kindle version of the book?
Our reviewers usually review your book in Kindle version, that is why we require that our customers pay for our purchase of the book.  The reviews posted on Amazon will appear under all versions of the book. 

Do you need a hardcopy of my book?
No, we do not need a hard copy of your book to review but you must pay for our reviewers to purchase your book for verified purchase review, on STEP 3. We will
purchase your book, read it and write a review.

Are Paid Book Reviews ethical?
Yes. Consider it your book advertisement cost. We believe that there is something good in every book. So, we blow the good side of your book to help you make sales. We are a book advertisement company. But if your book is just below standard, we would (and we have been) refund your money and reject your order

How many book reviews can you write?
We have more than 1200 reviewers, We can handle any amount of order. Bring it on! we have as many book reviews as you want! All our reviewers have their IDs.

Are you an Amazon company?
No, we are not, but we work within Amazon review policies to ensure credibility of the reviews posted, so that the customers will be well informed to make their decisions.

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